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Equipment, Training & Support from Elite Medical Experts

Prometheus Medical is built upon a foundation of extensive personal experience of military and civilian emergency care in difficult and remote environments, it is one of the world's pre-eminent providers of pre-hospital care across all sectors.

Prometheus is a dedicated supported of healthcare throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We provide comprehensive packages of medical services. These include innovative design, manufacture and provision of the very best medical equipment; world class medical training for all levels - from basic first aid to advanced medical techniques; and the experience and expertise to provide our clients with strategic advice to prepare and meet the most demanding medical challenges.

We believe that the development of long term partnerships is essential to provide real support to the development of national and regional emergency care. Based in the heart of the region with an office in the UAE, Prometheus is uniquely placed to blend our UK and worldwide experiences with a real understanding of the challenges of the region. This gives us the ability to provide world class support, tailored to our client’s individual needs.

Prometheus offers unrivalled specialist medical support, equipment, training, advice and clinical care to military and civilian audiences. We have supported organisations in both the private and public sector. Our medical support has contributed to the achievement of a successful outcome, no matter how challenging the medical emergency.

Whatever sector you belong to or service you are looking for, our internationally respected medical consultants can provide you with cutting-edge advice and un-paralleled support, modelled to your exact requirements.

We look forward to working with you.

Special Medical Training for Discerning Customers

High quality medical training delivered by clinically current instructors, from emergency first aid for the lay person to advanced techniques for the medical consultant. Accredited and approved by Pearson Edexcel, University of Worcester, Anglia Ruskin University, IHDC, MCA, RCS, WMS, UK HEMS, BAC and others.

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