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Principles of Infection and Prevention Control

Course Overview

This course introduces the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees in the prevention and control of infections, including related legislation and policies, procedures and risk assessments, and the skills required for good personal hygiene.


The focus of the Principles of Infection Prevention and Control course is to introduce behavioural change and the integration of skills and knowledge into clinical practice.

Entry Criteria

The course is designed for all personnel working within a clinical environment

Course Content

The course is delivered as a blend of lectures, group work and practical skills. There is an assessment of both knowledge and understanding, as well as competence-based assessment of hand hygiene and the use of personal protective equipment and aseptic non-touch technique. Best practice with respect to standard precautions and transmission precautions is central to the curriculum. Care bundles and high impact clinical protocols are also introduced and explored with clinicians.

The objectives of the Principles of Infection and Control course are:

  • Explore and understand the burden of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Understand systems and processes that need to be implemented
  • Assessment of key skills required to help prevent / control HAI
  • To integrate principles and evidence based protocols / guidance into personal clinical practice competence
  • To empower candidates to return to sponsoring organisations as champions of change


Edexcel Health and Social Care QCF Level Diploma for the following units:

  • The Principles of Infection and Prevention Control
  • Causes and Spread of Infection


Five days

Average Course Rating:

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