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Mongol Derby 2015 Medics Blog 08/08/2015

(Medic Mike)

Another very warm day and a challenge for the endurance of the riders as they made their way through a changing landscape,which has now reached lakes, rolling hills and some forest areas offering brief respite from the sun. 

Hydration and electrolyte replacement has been the mantra of the medics and other crew from the first day and continues to be a talking point for all of the riders.  Riding all day in this heat has meant a much increased need for water for both rider and horse.  Several riders continue to volunteer their input and output information, which may be in some cases a little too detailed (!), but conscious efforts to stay topped up are the order of the day. 

Both teams experienced a less busy day early on, but spent some useful time with the families and where possible, helping with some primary care advice.