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Mongol Derby 2015 Medics Blog 07/08/2015

(Medic Mike)

We have had a busy day today out on the beautiful Mongolian Steppe. 

This morning was relaxed with a lovely coffee made by Ivo our documentary film maker – this will probably result in bribery from him later on in the Derby. 

Deb was asked to look at the daughter of one of the herders who had fallen off her motorbike earlier in the day and was limping. She had hurt her foot but had not sustained any other injuries.  Her right foot was slightly swollen and tender over the cuboid bone, the rest of her foot and ankle were OK. Deb treated her as a suspected avulsion fracture of the cuboid. She bandaged the girl's foot and gave her advice on how to treat the injury. 

We were made aware of a rider at horse station 10 who had come in dehydrated and unwell. We made our way to the station which was 37km from our location. This took us about 50 minutes across the unmade roads of Mongolia. 

When we got to her, she was unwell with severe dehydration and heat exhaustion. We treated her with 1500ml of normal saline and encouraged her to drink oral fluids and eat. We 'held' her at the station until she improved as she was keen to push on. 

We caught up with her at the next horse station and she was on good form.

Medic 1 has been busy with the riders towards the back of the pack. They have been treating a number of riders for dehydration and exhaustion. The weather is hot and dry with a fierce sun. They can only carry a maximum of 2 litres in their hydration packs, which is all that the packs can take, and they need far more than that to ride in this heat. 

One rider needs to be evacuated back to UB as she is not recovering well. Medic 1 is organising her transfer as we write this blog. 

We are preparing to bed down at HS10, which is situated in the hills and surrounded by lakes.