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Mongol Derby 2015 Medic's Blog 05/08/2015

(Medic Mike)


For the riders this has been the end point of many months of training and preparation and for the crew the result of some very impressive logistics.  The luxury of the start camp will soon be a distant memory for all of us, so the opportunity to all dine together and take one final shower has been taken by most.  The four medics will now divide into two teams for the remainder of the race, Karl and James in one vehicle with interpreter and driver and Deb and Michael in the other. 

The weigh-in done, the local blessing given, all headed down to select horses and saddle-up.  A few nervous horses, many nervous participants, but all successfully down to the start without incident and off to the first station.  Deb and Michael set off to the first horse station to meet with the vets and await th first arrivals, with Karl and James following the riders.  All successfully through the first station, the medical teams then split at the end of day one as the riders spread though the field.  A few spills and some feeling the heat, but no big dramas and a successful first day. 

Weather update:  sunny and warm all day with a few clouds.  The scenery is stunning and we are told it will only get better.  Hospitality has been outstanding, what a privilege for us all to be in Mongolia.  Here's hoping for many more (relatively) illness and injury-free days.