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Mongol Derby 2015 Medics Blog 04/08/2015

(Medic Mike)

This morning saw a fine start to the day, with a filling breakfast and a chance for the riders to assemble their race-ready kit and practice with their GPS to some nearby locations.  This also gave the medics an opportunity to check their GPS tracking skills and ensure all of th connectivity was up and running.  With comms between teams assured, and the front of the medic vehicles looking like a page out of a Maplin catalogue (adaptor, anyone?), now we are ready for the official start of the race tomorrow,

This afternoon provided an opportunity for the riders and crew to watch a local children's horse race.  Any self-respecting English traveller abroad is obliged to comment on the weather, which has moved from clear blue skies to spectacular storm clouds and a hailstorm, which gave a opportunity to shelter in the ger and plan for the coming days.  Camping and waiting for the rain  to stop was a novelty only for Carl.  Apparently, Northern Queensland has well over 284 rain-free day per year.  Always ready with a morale boosting fact, thanks Dr O'K, we are glad you find the rain something of a novelty :)

No major ailments or injuries with which to deal so far.  Crew pink eye update: it's getting better.  One rider burn resulting from a lighter and some para cord and a couple of coughs and sniffles.  So far, so good.  Start day tomorrow, which means some local traditional entertainment tonight and hopefully a good rest for all before the big day.