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Mongol Derby 2015 Medics Blog 03/08/2015

Medic’s blog 03/08/15 by Michael Bradfield

August 3rd Start Camp.

Thus it begins. Almost 40 riders, some looking nervous, some excited, everyone clean.

The medical team has sorted the kit and is “in country”. The size of this wilderness doesn’t strike you until you crest the first hill out of town and are greeted with hill upon hill, flat upon flat and…a flat tyre. The doc discovered the joys of relieving himself with no cover in sight while they changed it. The toot of the horns from passing cars seemed to give him a shy bladder.

James, Deb, Carl and I will get our gear together at the start line as the rider’s saddle up for the first time. The competitors will get acquainted with the horses, the saddles and try not to fall off and require our help before the race even begins. Every one of these riders deserves praise for their tenacity to just get this far.

The Mongolians themselves are patient, kind and very tender with their children who are the most gorgeous little people you have ever seen. I haven’t seen one cry yet.

Todays shout out goes to my wife, Deb and my kids Gemma and Riley. You better be bloody missing your Dad.

Tomorrow: First injuries, Katy’s pink eye and more of Medic Michaels dry, dry wit.