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Mongol Derby 2014 Medics Blog 14/08/2014

With two days left of the Mongol Derby, last night’s stop at horse station 23 saw the riders tired but otherwise in good spirits. Some of them picked up injuries earlier on in the race which are improving day by day but still require frequent assessment and dressing changes or re-strapping. One miracle item for the riders appears to be ‘vet wrap’ – a brilliant elastic bandage which, as the name suggests, is a vetinary bandage. It is non adherent and clings to itself without needing to tape it down. Perfect to cover ‘hot spots’ before they become established sores, or to use over a dressing to protect it. Best of all, it requires little or no tape, so it is good near any sensitive areas.

The second to last leg of the day proved tough – several riders in pain with ongoing injuries as well as one rider who had fallen and been dragged a short way. The fallen rider was checked over and with no serious injury, was fine to continue after painkillers and rest. Likewise for the other riders who sought help from us at horse station 25 – painkillers, rest and some morale boosting chocolate from the back of our vehicle were the order of the day to see them on to the next station.  

The heat in the middle of the day can be gruelling on the Steppe. We were keeping a watchful eye on all of the riders, when one of them sat down on the dusty ground shortly after arrival.  As we approached, it became clear the rider was in a confused and semi collapsed state. The rider was rapidly removed from the horse line to a urtuu, cooled and given intravenous fluids by Medic 1. After treatment the rider stated they felt better than they have done for days!

With everyone treated and on their way again, we drove to horse station 26, our final stop for the night. We are now waiting to review those we have treated already or anyone needing our assistance before the final day of the race tomorrow.