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Mongol Derby 2014 Medics Blog 11/08/2014

Last night saw us back tracking to station 16. We set up camp a short distance from where the riders were settling in for the night where we quickly attracted the attention of a dog, a few horses and a herd of yaks!

After a wet and windy night we had an early burst of action when we received an SOS call 9km out from the horse station. With no more information, we plotted the coordinates into our GPS and set off at full speed. On our arrival we quickly discovered a rider had fallen and had sustained a suspected fractured clavicle. Once we had the rider’s pain under control and had ruled out other injuries we updated race HQ who formulated an evacuation plan back to the city.

It was entertaining to watch our driver, along with some local herders, walk through the scene examining holes in the ground and the marks left by the horses feet just as if they were collision investigators at the scene of a road traffic collision!

The rest of the day we covered a huge distance from station 16 to 22 to catch up the front of the field - 2 help calls we received on route were cancelled as we weren’t required and we arrived at 22 with just enough time to set up tents, see to the injured, and write this entry!