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Mongol Derby 2014 Medics Blog 10/08/2014 Part 2

The morning broke warm and sunny and saw us cleaning, sorting and replenishing our kit from the night before. We awoke to find our Toyota pickup with us at the horse station, covered in mud but otherwise unscathed. We started by checking up on several riders with ongoing problems, as well as the rider that we treated by the light of our head torches in the night. With everyone in much better condition, the riders headed off whilst Medic 1 headed to the river to clean the mud off the vehicle and our boots.

As we were heading to horse station 12, our driver indicated there was something wrong with our vehicle. A quick peek into the wheel arch revealed a shock absorber broken at the lower end – I tried to take a picture but by the time I had got my camera, the shock absorber was off and another was being prepared. Before we could finish the brew that the other team vehicle had made, we were ready to hit the road again and see the riders in to the next station.

The final leg before nightfall saw several riders tackling some marshy terrain which left them cold and very tired when they made it in. We managed to raid the back of the vehicle for some much needed morale boosting supplies as well Deb sourcing as some hot tea from the ger and asking the herders if they could light a fire. Many riders are now starting to become very fatigued with some significant saddle sores. We have been helping with advice, as well as continuing to help manage some ongoing injuries and the (hopefully) last of the gastric issues that some have been suffering with.