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Mongol Derby 2014 Medics Blog 10/08/2014

Medics Blog - James

After receiving the all clear to move on from our ‘standby point’ yesterday evening we moved through two horse stations to finally reach horse station 13. There were 5 riders already tucked up in their sleeping bags in one of the gers so we pitched our tents in the dark with the aid of our vehicle’s high-powered LED light bar. Apart from the occasional dog bark or rainfall induced wake up, a good night’s sleep was had by all.

Morning consultation with the locals (usually a blood pressure check and some reassurance) was interrupted with a satellite phone call from Siân in HQ to respond us to a help request from a rider approximately 55km away. Fortunately, the first crew member on scene, a vet called Anna was able to stand us down as it was a lost horse that had now been found with an uninjured rider.

We moved on through a stunning mountain pass, watching the black kites and golden eagles soaring in front of us and the occasional marmot scurrying to a bolt hole until we reached horse station 17.

We have had a few reports of riders not feeling their best but on the whole they seem to be looking after themselves well and taking the advice given to them in rider training.

During one of the many ‘herder health checks’ Sheila saw an interesting case of a man in his 60’s complaining of numbness in his little finger on his right hand which he has had for 20+ years. The man was generally well and fit for his age but it was noted he had significant muscle wastage in his right hand. When asked through Dari, our interpreter if he had ever had an injury to his right arm, shoulder or neck that may account for the suspected nerve damage he simply replied “I have worked with horses all my life!”

It is 4pm now so we will soon be heading for our final destination of the day and setting up camp again. All being well an early night ready for a 6am start for more noodles, more goat, a lot more horses but luckily for Medic 2 so far no helicopters or getting stuck in a bog!