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MARS blog - A View From The Roadside

March started with a 'running call'.  This is where emergency personnel come across an incident whilst going about their normal business.  In my case I was on my way to do a day with Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance and was nearly there when the traffic came to a standstill.  Within a minute, a motorcyclist coming the other way pulled up next to my car and said, " 'scuse me mate, a lorry's just knocked a bloke off his push bike just down there."  Although I’ve been driving a fully 'marked up' vehicle for well over a year, I'm still stupid enough to have wondered how on earth he could have known I was a doctor - duh!  Anyway, the cyclist was only shaken and didn’t require anything more than an examination to make sure no injuries were missed.

At the other end of the spectrum this month, I attended the horrific incident on the A49 where three young people were killed in a collision south of Hereford.  Due to a medical meeting, we actually had 6 doctors, all experienced in pre-hospital care, arriving on scene together.  Tragically, there was very little we could do and we all left deeply saddened. 

Apart from this awful incident, March has been quite quiet.  It often strikes me how unpredictable these things are with spates of accidents followed by quiet periods.  When we are quiet, I always keep my eye on local news websites and newspapers just to reassure myself that I’m not missing anything.   Sometimes one can put these patterns down to weather or major calendar events, but at other times there’s simply no pattern. 

Total cases this month: 5

'Stood down' en route (ie. I was not required, so attendance cancelled): 0  

Number of RTCs: 3

Total miles driven to incidents on blue lights: 48

Time spent attending incidents (doesn’t include other MARS activity such as training, equipment checking, re-stocking, fundraising, etc): 3hrs 28mins