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Dr Russell - Op Wallacea Madagascar - 31st July 2011

Day 12

Went out for a long day today.  Began about 8am with Stu and walked up route 2 and checked our baited area from yesterday – nothing unfortunately.  Got to route 3 and did formal survey before a short journey to meet up with other group for lunch stop.  Then the whole group made their way to a couple of lakes before walking back. Again, a depressing number of charcoal burning pits threatening the forest.  A long walk back brought the whole team in about 5pm – quite a long day but it gave a real sense for the surrounding geography and different forest types.

Fantastic meal tonight with boiled land crab – probably the best meal to date here.  This evening we didn’t go out but sat and planned for tomorrow and listening to Muddy Waters.  Very appropriate with the sound of frogs and crickets from the lake, for the real delta feel!