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Dr Russell - Op Wallacea Madagascar - 29th July 2011

Day 10

Slept until 8, but then too hot to stay in my tent.  New school group coming in today so spent this morning tidying and checking inventory of the medical centre, dealing with a couple of minor problems and doing some washing (clothes getting ever less clean with each hand wash).  New school arrived and we headed over to Matsedroy camp in the later part of the afternoon .  About an 8km walk through rice paddy fields, over a hill and into a fairly unspoiled area of dry forest, before dropping down to a beautiful lake where the camp is based, sitting like an oasis in the forest.  The rather sombre part of the walk was going past characoal pits and a large area of forest totally destroyed by charcoal burners clearing it.  It looked like an absolute moonscape and the thought that this is an ongoing process of destruction and loss of habitat and biodiversity is extremely sad.

Arrived in camp and settled in before dark.