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Dr Russell - Op Wallacea Madagascar - 27th July 2011

Day 8

Out to Route 5 today to release a chameleon.  When specimens are collected (e.g. for photographing or spectroscopy) they are kept for as short a time as possible and then returned to the exact site from which they came (each position recorded by GPS etc).  Once released, it was back to camp again finding a couple of hognose snakes on the way.

After lunch, went out with Ben and a student group to do an observational study on a group of sifaka lemurs just beyond the village by a large fig tree.  Quite entertaining watching the behaviour of the family group as they moved, fed and lay about in the sun – seemed very chilled out and not really bothered by our presence at all.

After dinner, went out to try to see the boas again – saw one but its head was down inside the tree so not the best view in the world.  The ‘herp’ walks at night are some of the most enjoyable, creeping through the trees watching and listening and constantly being surprised by the amount of wildlife going about its business