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Dr Russell - Op Wallacea Madagascar - 26th July 2011

Day 7      

This morning I walked down to the mangrove area with Rob (herpetologist) and one of the groups of school students.  Saw a lot of wildlife including sportive lemurs, 3 snake species, mud skippers and other fish, a Frances’ sparrowhawk, and several kingfishers.  Back for lunch then out to the boat.  Had a great trip and although didn’t seeing any crocs today, we saw a group of 1300 ‘flying fox’ bats (not sure what their collective name is) and then 2 Madagascan fish eagles - only 200 birds thought to exist in the wild anywhere.  Managed to get a couple of half-decent photos.

Another longish walk back to camp but starting to acclimatise now.  A few minor ailments to deal with amongst the school group, dinner, then out to look for a pair of tree boas where they’ve been seen living in a hole up a tree.  Not at home tonight though.