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Dr Russell - Op Wallacea Madagascar - 25th July 2011

Day 6

Another change of activity today – out with the ‘birders.’  Went up a sample route to do some mist netting.  Interesting to see how the nets were set up.  Caught about 5 birds of three species.  Each was recorded before being released again.  Bruno, a Madagascan ornithologist/scientist/photographer explained to the school students (and me) how the system works, why it’s done, and how to handle the birds without harming them.  It was interesting to see how effective a tape recording of bird call was to luring the birds in the nearby undergrowth to come to the netting site.

After lunch, I stayed in camp to work with the herpetologists while they collected data from the leaf-tail geckos before they are returned tonight.  This gave a great opportunity to take some more photographs of the amazing creatures.  They change colour (similarly to chameleons) and are unbelievably well camouflaged.