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Dr Russell - Op Wallacea Madagascar - 24th July 2011

Day 5

Having seen loads of ‘herps,’ I thought I’d go out with the lemur group today.  We went out on an ‘opportunistic’ which is a bit more exploratory.  Ben is the lemur scientist and is highly knowledgeable about this group.  We logged 35 sifaka lemurs and a couple of brown lemurs.  They weren’t really bothered by our presence so we could observe them quite easily.

Back to camp for lunch and a quick bucket shower and then out this afternoon to do some behavioural observation of lemurs again with Ben.

Late this afternoon the school students finally arrived, having got their hold luggage this morning.  They must be very frustrated but are glad to get here and start doing some science.  After dinner we went out for a general walk and they were able to see some of the abundance of wildlife that they’d heard so much about.  Lots of excitement over everything from chameleons to praying mantis.