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Prometheus Clients

We have supported organisations in both the private and public sector. Our medical support has contributed to the achievement of a successful outcome, no matter how challenging the medical emergency.

Prometheus offers unrivalled specialist medical support, equipment, training, advice and clinical care to military and civilian audiences. The following list shows some of Prometheus' customers:

Emergency and National Services

  • Statutory Emergency services within United Arab Emirates, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman 

  • GCC Police Forces 

  • GCC Internal Security Forces 

  • GCC Ministries of Defence 

  • GCC Special Forces

Petroleum Industry

  • Key regional corporations in Oil and Gas Sector or Medical support for both regional and international cooperation’s 

International Clients

  • British Embassy

  • UK MoD

  • NATO

  • International Red Cross

Educational Clients

  • University of Sharjah, UAE

  • Fatima College of Healthcare Sciences, UAE

  • Institute of Applied Technology, UAE

Why Prometheus?

  • Accredited Training Provider

  • UK Home Office Licensed

  • Quality Accreditation ISO 9001:2008

  • Offers Unrivalled Customer Service